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Vacuum Forming

Custom Vacuum Forming of canopies, cowlings, wheel pants available. E-mail us for details.


Wheel Pants

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Wheel Pants as manufactured and shipped

Example of finished Wheel Pants

Wheel Pants are vacuum formed in halves from heavy styrene and require assembly.  Wheel Pants are approximately 8” long, 2.5” high, and 1.5” wide and handle 2.25” to 3” wheels.  Note that width can be varied during assembly.

Price (per pair) $12.00 plus shipping                                      

Shipping will be U.S. Postal Service.  Shipping and handling costs of $6.95 will be charged to your
credit card.

Special Note:  Additional shipping charges for international orders and areas outside the continental U.S. may apply.  E-mail for details.

Email dan@blackstarrc.comfor additional information.
Made in the USA!